Modern PWA Scaffold

Express, Workbox, Webpack, and Babel combined

Backend Node Express

Node Express (with Routing) already setup so you can use backend activities for your new PWA app. Alongside it, ES6Renderer was used for the template view engine, and Browser-Refresh for auto-reload while developing. You can change it though anytime you want to.


Webpack & Babel

Babel and Webpack can be tedious and very daunting to setup sometimes, so these two powerful tools were already setup for you. Both backend and frontend configurations were clearly configured in one file.

Google Workbox

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the future for web applications. However, to setup your own service worker over and over again can be time-wasting. That is why Google developed Workbox. A library with set of best practices for creating PWAs.

Also, ESLint, Prettier, Materialize, and Iconify were already included. You can always change these later if you want to.

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